Planned Service Agreement – PSA

Maintenance keeps operating efficiencies high and utility bills low, extends the life of your equipment, protects against costly inconvenient failures, and gives you peace of mind.
Spring Maintenance Includes:

1. Oil Motors
2. Check fan blade
3. Check freon level
4. Check amperage draw
5. Check temperature split
6. Check electrical connections
7. Inspect condensate drain system
8. Check thermostat
9. Calibrate thermostat
10. Clean condenser coil
11. Inspect furnace filter
12. Inspect furnace blower
13. Oil blower if necessary

Fall Maintenance Schedule Includes:

1. Clean furnace or boiler
2. Clean and check pilots
3. Adjust pilot
4. Clean and adjust burners
5. Check amperage draw
6. Check furnace filters
7. Check safety devices
8. Check heat anticipators
9. Check limit control
10. Inspect combustion chamber
11. Check blower wheel
12. Check blower motor and lube
13. Check furnace wiring
14. Check for combustion air
15. Check gas valve operation
16. Test for gas leaks
17. Check electrical connections
18. Inspect heat exchanger for leaks
19. Check motors and oil if necessary
20. Check thermostat and calibrate if necessary

Our Plans:

– 1 planned visit to perform (Spring or Fall).
– Maintenance priority service during normal.
– Business hours 10% discount on all parts.
– Discounted night and weekend emergency service.
– 5% discount toward all new equipment purchases.


– 2 Planned Service Visits (Spring and Fall).
– Priority service during normal business hours.
– 15% discount on all parts’ regular rates.
– On night and weekend emergency service.
– 10% discount toward all new equipment purchases